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Routes in Skyline Forest Closed

Skyline Forest has been closed to public access; thus, the following routes from the Dirty Freehub catalog of rides have been removed from the website:

In Plain View (Long version)
Quick & Dirty
Railbed Spurs
Skyline Forest
The Bishop
Two Bulls, One Coffee

Further, this closure has markedly affected the […]

Lake Billy Chinook: The History

Did you know Lake Billy Chinook is co-managed by the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs and the state of Oregon? That it is important for both power generation and fisheries. And that it is a reservoir, not a lake, at the confluence of three rivers: The Deschutes, the Crooked, and the Metolius. […]

John Day Fossil Beds – The Units

The John Day Fossil Beds National Monument has 3 distinct units separated by 40 miles or more. In this short 2-mintue video learn where each unit is and what is special about it.

John Day Fossil Beds -Wow!

Have you ever wondered what Central Oregon once was? Tropical Forests. Exploding volcanoes. Mudslides. Gigantic animals with names like Thunderbeast and Entelodonts. In this 20-minute video learn about this and a whole lot more!

Glacial Lake Outburst Floods

A 4-minute video describing what glacial lake outburst floods look like.

Winter Range Closures (Deschutes National Forest)

The problem
Wild-ranging local mule deer populations have decreased by 56% from 2004 to 2021.

In recent years, there has been a 10% decline in population per year
This is 60% below objective

What is Winter Range?
Winter range is habitat deer and elk migrate to in order to find more favorable living conditions during the winter. […]

Thinning, Mowing and Fire

“What happened here?” That is a common reaction many have after seeing the immediate impact of the tree thinning and forest mowing work in the Phil’s network of trails. In this podcast, we talk with Melanie Fisher from the Deschutes Collaborative Forest Project to discuss the ongoing work to restore the forest back to a […]

All About Basalt with the Rock Doctor

You will find these rocky columnar cliffs in Eastern and Central Oregon, but what exactly happened to form these unique structures? In this podcast, we talk with our resident rock doctor, Dr. Kim Ely.

Old Growth Forests

There are only 10-15% of old-growth forests left in Oregon. Erik Fernandez, Wilderness Program Manager, from Oregon Wild describes old-growth forests and how we can work on doing our parts to help protect the little old-growth we have left.

Two Bulls Fire

In June of 2014, two fires started nearly simultaneously sweeping through the Skyline Forest which have become known as the Two Bulls Fire complex. Paul Dewey, Founder of Central Oregon Land Watch describes “the mushroom cloud” and the significance of the fires just outside of Bend, Oregon.

Ryan Ranch Meadows

Ryan Ranch area was homesteaded in the 1890s. In the 1920s a berm along the Deschutes River was constructed to keep the river from flooding valuable pasture land. Prior to this, the area historically functioned as an emergent freshwater marsh that was connected to surface flows from the Deschutes River. In the early 2010s, the meadow was […]

Skyline Forest

What! It is not public land? Ben Gordon, Executive Director of Central Oregon Land Watch, joins us to discuss a large area of private land called Skyline Forest and what the future entails for this 33,000 acres of land.

Hayrick Butte

The rock doctor is in the house! Dr. Kim Ely discusses about the unique geological features of Hayrick Butte, a rare type of volcano located in the Willamette National Forest next to the Hoodoo ski area.

Decommissioning Forest Service Roads

Learn more about Forest Service road decommissioning, how this impacts us as cyclists, and what we can do to help. Joining us is Brock McCormick who is a Biologist with the Deschutes National Forest.

The Magic of the Ochoco Mountains

Joining us is James Good of Good Bike Co. Find out what makes the Ochocos such a special place and hear about some of James’ favorite routes. James talks about the Ochocos being good for both one-day excursions and multi-day bike packing adventures all leaving. The […]

Black Mountain Conservation Project Near Big Summit Prairie

Learn how Central Oregon Land Watch and Rory Isbell advocated to protect our lands here in Central Oregon.

Bend Parks / Multi-Use Path Etiquette

In this episode, we’re going to learn about proper bike etiquette on the Bend multi-use trails and paths. These paths are located throughout Bend in places the Old Mill, Shevlin Park and the Deschutes river. Our guest today is Henry Stroud who is a Planner at Bend […]

Lake Creek Where Salmon Now Run!

Lake Creek is an important tributary that runs into the Metolius River which is vital to salmon and trout habitat. Learn about the restoration efforts of the creek with Brad Chalfant, the former executive director of the Deschutes Land Trust.

Bull Springs Road / Taylor NW Sign

The following is an excerpt from an email written by Cris Doty of Deschutes County. Dated January 7, 2020.

The Bull Springs Road sign has previously been an issue between the property owner and the cycling community. The restrictions espoused on the sign are not enforceable – however the implied warnings are indisputable given the […]