Culture & History

Kinzua – The Shuttering of a Town

A compilation of news videos (8 minutes) from 1978 discussing the closure of the Kinzua mill and the razing of the town. Super fascinating!

Glacial Lake Outburst Floods

A 4-minute video describing what glacial lake outburst floods look like.

A Sisters Murder Mystery

Three Sisters Historical Society & Museum recounts the twists and turns of a 1919 unsolved murder in Sisters. Can you crack the case?

Mosquito Festival

Have you ever driven through Paisley, Oregon and noticed the advertisement for the Paisley Mosquito Festival? Is it really a festival about mosquitos? Today we talk with one of the festival’s organizers, Amy Davis, to learn about a festival that may very well involve mosquitoes. Sure would be fun to polish off the […]

Early Logging Along the McKenzie

What were life and logging like along the McKenzie River in western Oregon in generations past? This picture history includes photos from the late 1800s and early 1900s.

WebCyclery – 25 Years!

WebCyclery, a bike shop in Bend, Oregon is celebrating their 25th anniversary. Let’s catch up with Owner, Kevin Gorman, as he talks about how it all began. What makes WebCyclery different and the story behind moving the shop into a former church. How has his family been involved in building […]

The Sumpter Gold Dredge

The Sumpter Valley Gold Dredge is one of the last remaining giant gold dredges in the US. In this 10-minute video learn a bit about the history, current status, and how the dredge worked.

Life on the Oregon Trail

What was life really like on the Oregon Trail? Learn about the risks and dangers of being on the trail, what a day in the life of a pioneer was like, and what equipment and supplies were used. This video is really worth 14 minutes of your time!

Milky Way Sculpture

The Milky Way is a stainless steel sculpture that is located at Shevlin Park Road and Mt Washington Drive in Bend, Oregon. In this podcast, Pete Stein interviews Devin Field who was the artist behind this fun piece. Listen in as we learn about how the art was commissioned and then how we designed and built this sculpture. Also, The Milky […]

Rock Art

Riding on obscure Tuscon trails, we ran across amazing art that was created out of rocks carefully arranged in the sand to form very cool figures. A huge rabbit, a heart, a wolf howling in a moonlight, a horse, a hummingbird …. we also ran across the original artist, Karen Garno, who was busy working on her latest masterpiece. […]

The Empire Ranch Homestead

A historical look at the ownership and the headquarters building of Empire Ranch. It started as a 4-room adobe structure that transitioned into a 29-room ranch home. All built in the late 1800s.

Phoenix Rising or Red Chicken

We all know about the iconic psuedo “Red Chicken” sculpture within the Phil’s Trail System which is a mountain biking area in Bend, Oregon. But … do you know the story of the actual sculpture, the Phoenix Rising, located at Galveston and 14th street? And what’s the connection to the Red Chicken, the mini […]

High on the Desert (Art!)

In this podcast, we talk with John Flemming, who created the High Desert Spiral sculpture located at the intersection of Simpson and Mt Washington just at the entrance to Broken Top in Bend, Oregon. We hear about his inspiration and some of the trials and […]

“Greetings From” Murals … Fun Art Across Central Oregon

The playful, retro “Greetings From” murals across Central Oregon bring back fond memories of the postcards that were a huge hit with tourists in the mid 20th century. These murals are part of the The Central Oregon Mural Trail and are created by Karen Eland and Katie Daisy for […]

The Deschutes Railroad War

Railroad historian and attorney Martin Hansen talks about the race between two railroad barons to build a railroad line through central Oregon.

How a Dredge Works

Even for Caption O of Dirty Freehub, it took a bit to understand how a gold dredge works. Here’s a quick explanation.

The Bear of Steel Sculpture

How do you make a 27 foot tall steel bear for the town of Madras, Oregon? Dial in with Chris Buffalo Fulsom who talks about the inspiration for the mother bear with her three cubs. You’ll find this amazing sculpture on Dirty Freehub’s Poke The Bear gravel bike […]

50 Years with Sunnyside Sports

Today we will be talking how Bend, bikes and bike shops have evolved in the last 50 years. Who knows better than Susan Conner who is the owner of Sunnyside Sports here in Bend. This year marks their 50-year anniversary since the shop opened in 1972!

Trail Building with Kent Howes

In this episode, we talk  about the art of mountain bike trail building in Central Oregon. For us, gravel cyclists, some of these trails are super sweet to ride. Our guest is Kent Howes who is a master trail builder and has been building trails for over 30 years, he’s also been a professional trail builder since 2007.

Big, Old Barns! The Wallowa Barn Tour

Learn all about the Wallowa Barn Tour. In this episode, we talk with Jennifer Piper of the Wallowa Chamber of Commerce and Alana Carollo of the Eastern Oregon Visitors Association. Learn how the Barn Tour got started, what you will see. We also talk about two other ways to experience the culture of the area: Farm Trails and a historic […]

Logging in the Old Mill: Local Cyclist Tells the Story

Bend, now a town of outdoor enthusiasts, microbreweries, and technology, used to be the center of timber production. The Old Mill District was the heart of this activity, with two active mills, one on the east bank of the river and one on the west bank. In the 1950s, over 50 rail cars per day would off-load timber into the river. On […]

Mecca Grade Estate Malt

Today we talk beer, malt, farming and what it looks like when you combine them all in one place. Our guest is Seth Klann who is a master brewer and the owner and operator of Mecca Grade Estate Malt located in Madras, Oregon. (Part of Dirty Freehub‘s Over the Rainbow route.) This podcast was recorded onsite at Mecca Grade Estate Malt in […]

The Story of Leadfield & the Titus Canyon Road

There is a rugged, gnarly gravel road, the only road, through the Grapevine Mountains in Death Valley National Park. It is the Titus Canyon Road – a great gravel bike ride, 25 miles with an elevation loss of over 5000 feet. But … how did that road come to be? In this podcast, we talk with Jeremy Stoltzfus, a Death Valley Park Ranger who […]

The Phil’s Area (The early days!)

Hear from the early trail builders Eric Vickers and Ben Husaby about the master plan at the Phil’s complex (or lack thereof), finding trails before maps, and what it meant to be a trail author.