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Jumping Cholla: Does This Cacti Really Jump?

Have you ever encountered a jumping cacti? More specifically, the jumping cholla cactus in Arizona? If you have ridden our⁠ Rock Art ⁠or ⁠Bring a Fork⁠ routes in Arizona then you have dodged more than a few of these spiky cacti. Today we interview Peter Breslin who […]

Wolf Lichen

Do you ever see some bright green, shrubby looking creature on a gravel ride? This organism is likely Letharia Vulpina (and no it does not have magic or poisonous powers like a spell) which is also knows as Wolf Lichen. Bryologist, mycologist, and lichenologist Tim Wheeler works to dedicate his life studies towards nonvascular plants and […]

The Most Dangerous Plant in the Desert

In this 2-minute video learn about the jumping (Teddy Bear) cholla and all its prickly tricks from savage backward pointing barbs that are sharp enough to pierce flesh.

Wild Burros: Helpful or Harmful?

They may be cute … but are wild burros actually helpful or harmful? Dr. Erick Lundgren who is an ecologist with a lot of research concerning wild burros, […]

Sopori Creek, Cerro Colorado Mountains

Sopori Creek is one of the Sonoran Desert’s treasures, with attributes unique to the area. Find out why in this video featuring expert voices from the Arizona Land and Water Trust and Pima County Office of Sustainability and Conservation. Pima County voters supported bonds to protect Sopori Creek. Find out why this area is so important for […]

The Endangered Sonoran Pronghorn

In Southern Arizona you might be lucky enough to see ⁠Sonoran pronghorns⁠. In this podcast, we learn from Stephanie Fuest, the lead wildlife biologist for the recovery of the endangered Sonoran pronghorn. She walks us through the history of the species in the area, recovery efforts, and best practices should you encounter one while […]

Giant Sacaton Grass

A quick 2-minute video about this important but endangered grass. Well worth the watch!

Brown’s Ranch, AZ – Why it’s a special place to ride!

Sonoran Desert cycling means taking in saguaros and beautiful exposed geology. A great place to see and ride through the desert in Arizona is Brown’s Ranch. Brown’s Ranch is located within the McDowell Sonoran Preserve, an incredible area conserved in Scottsdale, Arizona. On today’s episode, we talk with Stu Alt, a trail […]

Prickly Pear: Did You Know?

Did you know … that the harvested fruit may help with offsetting aging, controlling diabetes and reducing the severity of a hangover?

Bikepacking the Sky Islands in Arizona with Sarah Swallow

In this podcast, we chat with Sarah Swallow about the Sky Islands Odyssey bikepacking route in Southern Arizona. The Odyssey is a journey through the vast borderlands of the Southwest, featuring a diverse network of rocky and sandy roads that traverse the ever-changing […]

The Sky Islands: Uncomfortable Issues with Sarah Swallow

Sarah Swallow is a world-renowned bikepacker, route developer, and storyteller who has spent a significant amount of time riding and exploring Southern Arizona. In this podcast, she shares her perspectives of the beauty and uniqueness of the Sky Islands, but also the “uncomfortable” issues arising.

Bueno Aires Wildlife Refuge

Hosting gorgeous grassland framed by the Baboquivari Mountains to the west, this wildlife refuge in Southern Arizona is home to pronghorn, mule and white-tailed deer javelina, coyotes, coatimundis, mountain lions and over 320 species of birds, including an assortment of raptors and the endangered Masked Bobwhite Quail. Dirt roads course […]