Paved bike path near welcome center.

How much should I contribute?

Ultimately, you need to determine what Dirty Freehub is worth to you. Here’s a couple of questions that may help you out? But, it is super duper important that each person who uses Dirty Freehub give something. This so helps our cause when we apply for grants and other monies and when we advocate on your behalf, because we can count you as part of the gravel community that we serve.

Is a great ride worth the price of a good cup of coffee?

We think so.

Should I “pay” for each ride that I do? Even if I ride the same 3 routes all the time?

It kind of depends. Are you still looking at the route guides to get the latest riding conditions? Are you checking the route guide to see that you have the latest version? Do you like it that we work with the Forest Service to clear routes of brush and tree fall? If so, you may want to take this into consideration.

I didn’t do a Dirty Freehub route, but I looked at the site for ideas. Should I contribute?

Make your best decision. We think that we provide great information that is worth something.

Where and what would you be riding if you did not have a resource like Dirty Freehub?


Is it important that we continue to produce new routes, maintain existing routes, and continue to update the route guides?

It costs ~ $5,000 to develop and produce a route guide. It takes a half time employee to maintain our existing database of routes, about 10,000 miles worth.

Did you attend a Dirty Freehub webinar, group ride, or other event that takes time, planning and resources? Did you listen to podcasts.

All these things take time and money to produce.

Can you contribute more than your fair share to make up for those that are not as well off economically?

We want to keep Dirty Freehub open and accessible to all. To families. To those without great economic means. To all.