Love Where You Ride

Bikepacking Race Etiquette, Reflections from SAR on the Tour Divide 2022 – Your Questions Answered (Part 4)

A thought-provoking interview about bikepacking racing etiquette and preparation with Kait Boyle, the co-founder and Education Director for Bikepacking Routes. She returns to answer more Leave No Trace (LNT) questions. We dive into the summer’s events surrounding the large number of SAR rescues on the Tour Divide 2022, how to apply […]

Camping with Bears & Riding Wet Trails – Your Questions Answered (Part 3)

Bikepacking in bear country, what should you do with your gear that will attract bears? Wet trails, what are the best practices for Leave No Trace? Kait Boyle returns to answer more of your questions. Kait is the co-founder of Bikepacking Roots and serves as its Education Director. Bikepacking Roots has worked with the Leave No Trace Center […]

Campsites, Campfires, and Invasive Species – Your Questions Answered (Part 2)

Kait Boyle is back to discuss the Love Where you Ride campaign and Leave No Trace actions for backcountry cyclists! We discuss how cyclists can minimize the spread of invasive species, where we should and shouldn’t camp, and dive into the the nuances of campfire use. Kait Boyle is the co-founder of Bikepacking Roots and serves as its […]

Poop, Pee, and Backcountry Hygiene (Your Questions Answered – Part 1)

In this podcast, Kait Boyle, a mountain biker and record-holding ultra-cyclist who also helped co-found Bikepacking Roots and serves as its Education and Events Director, joins us to address questions about backcountry hygiene; peeing, pooping, and proper […]

How to “Love Where You Ride!”

Does this mean smile and be happy and listen to some tunes as you ride? Or is it something else? Something bigger than just self? Not I, but we?In today’s episode, we talk with Kait Boyle, who is the Co-Founder of Bikepacking Roots and the creator of the Love Where You Ride campaign. The campaign is an opportunity for backcountry cyclists […]