Bike Life

Ultra Endurance Bike Racer Lael Wilcox Interview

Lael Wilcox is American ultra-endurance bike racer who holds women’s records in the Tour Divide and Trans Am. Lael is motivated to encourage more people, especially women, to ride and in this podcast she joins us to talk about her experiences as an advocate in the cycling community, riding in Arizona, and sustainable tourism as a cyclist.

What are 5-Star Routes?

Ever wondered what makes up a 5-Star Route? Is it road quality, visual payback, texture and terrain, or connection to culture, history, and heritage? Hint: It is some of these, but not all. In this podcast, we talk with Kevin English, the Director of Routes & Technologies for Dirty Freehub.

Shopping for a Gravel Route

Linda English (aka Gravel Girl) shares how to find (or as we call it “shop for”) a gravel bike route. Linda explains how to analyze the risk of a route and select a route for your abilities and what’s important to you. Linda is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of Dirty Freehub. She logs over 5,000 miles a year of gravel riding across the Western United States.

The Sky Islands: Uncomfortable Issues

Sarah Swallow is a world-renowned bikepacker, route developer, and storyteller who has spent a significant amount of time riding and exploring Southern Arizona. In this podcast, she shares her perspectives of the beauty and uniqueness of the Sky Islands, but also the “uncomfortable” issues arising.

Making Bikes from Wood

When someone says “wooden bike”, what do you think of? Before I started talking to my friend Sam who rides a wooden gravel bike, I always thought wooden bikes were either a piece of art, some strange gimmick or maybe a child’s strider bike.

In this episode we talk with Scott Campbell who is the founder of Celilo Cycles here in Oregon and their specialty is wooden bikes.

Cycling infrastructure with Peter Werner

Today we will be talking about cycling infrastructure, community, accountability and involvement. Our special guest is Bend lawyer and cyclist Peter Werner. This is a must listen to for all cyclists, including gravel cyclists, as we sometimes venture out onto the pavement in our rides.

Bike Talk with CX Pro Kerry Werner

Meet Kerry Werner, a cyclocross pro that is worth keeping an eye out in the CX world. Kerry has competed in multiple World Championships for the US National Team and won his first elite title in 2019 at the Pan Am Champs. Although cyclocross racing is a bike part of Kerry’s cycling career, today we get to chat with Kerry both in and out of racing and tips for planning for a big cycling adventure ride.

Bike Karma

Hear Phil’s unbelievable story of getting his bike stolen from the back of his car in an Ikea parking lot in Portland and the resulting good karma!

Abbey Bike Tools

In this episode, we speak with the founder of Abbey Tools. Learn about how they got started, what it takes to make great bike tools, and how they came up with the name.

Route Development and Exploratory Routes

Find out what goes into gravel route development and what it’s like to do a Dirty Freehub exploratory route. Sometimes all goes well, other times it is an adventure and maybe even epic. Special guests Michelle and Gatum share their stories with us!

Vanlife with Michelle and Gautum

Hear the story of what it takes to get started, van selection and other Vanlife adventures and challenges. Michelle and Gatum purchased a used Sprinter van and have been living and riding out of it for the last year. We think they know a bit about the adventure of vanlife living!