People & Places

Keep it Local!

We all know it is important to spend where we ride …. to support the local economy. But do all dollars spent have the same impact? In this podcast, we explore that premise with Thomas Barr, the Vice President of Business Development for Local First Arizona. Local […]

The Sobaipuri O’odham People

A 7-minute video exploring the lives and culture of the Sobaipuri O’odham People (i.e., the River People).

Ultra Endurance Bike Racer Lael Wilcox Interview

Lael Wilcox is American ultra-endurance bike racer who holds women’s records in the Tour Divide and Trans Am. Lael is motivated to encourage more people, especially women, to ride and in this podcast she joins us to talk about her experiences as an advocate in the cycling community, riding in Arizona, and sustainable tourism as a […]

Bikepacking the Sky Islands in Arizona with Sarah Swallow

In this podcast, we chat with Sarah Swallow about the Sky Islands Odyssey bikepacking route in Southern Arizona. The Odyssey is a journey through the vast borderlands of the Southwest, featuring a diverse network of rocky and sandy roads that traverse the ever-changing […]

The Sky Islands: Uncomfortable Issues with Sarah Swallow

Sarah Swallow is a world-renowned bikepacker, route developer, and storyteller who has spent a significant amount of time riding and exploring Southern Arizona. In this podcast, she shares her perspectives of the beauty and uniqueness of the Sky Islands, but also the “uncomfortable” issues arising.

Cycling + Art + Music = the Old Churchill School

In Baker City, Oregon, there is this old-school historic elementary school, The Churchill School, that has been turned into an eclectic mix of art studio, bike hostel, high-end Airbnb, movie house, and dance studio. We talk with Brian and Corrine Vegter, the curators and […]

Tractors, Bulls and Lycra

In this podcast, we talk with Daarla K who is a rancher and farmer in northeast Oregon. She and her husband operate a 1000-acre farm that has been in his family since 1886. Learn how to safely pass by big tractors and combines, how to get through a cattle drive, and what aggressive behavior by a bull looks like. We also talk about how to […]

The Story of Dirty Freehub

We sat down with the founders of Dirty Freehub to hear Linda and Kevin share their story. How they started a homespun website and have grown it to an organization of 15+ people. Their mission has expanded from providing great gravel routes to connecting cyclists to where they ride. We also learn what it takes to build great routes, and […]

Farm Talk with Nicholas Kristof

In this podcast, we talk with Nicholas Kristof, the award-winning columnist from the New York Times, and farm owner in the Willamette Valley. We talk about growing up on a farm, the challenges of farming, and some of the opportunities for rural and urban Oregonians to come together.

Anthony Lake Resort (Summer & Winter Fun!)

A quick intro to Anthony Lakes resort with Chelsea Judy, the Marketing Director. Learn about summer and winter activities from downhill skiing, to backcountry skiing, to nordic skiing, to mountain biking, to hiking, and great food. But did you know that Anthony Lakes resort is really Anthony Lakes Outdoor Recreation Association, a nonprofit […]