Culture & History / NE Oregon

The History of Silver City

Many miners struck it rich in Silver City, but it was also the site where a veritable war developed underground that took a militia to stop it. Learn more about this story and the history of Silver City in this 11 minute video.

Get To Know Joseph, Oregon

Learn about Joseph, which is a town in Eastern Oregon, as Chris talks with Jude Graham who is the Wallowa County Museum Curator. They discuss history, art, culture, events and activities. Among other things, Joseph even hosts a […]

The Nez Perce Last Stand

The Nez Perce War of 1877 pitted several bands of the Nez Perce tribe of Native Americans and their allies against the United States Army. Fought between June and October, the conflict stemmed from the refusal of several bands of the Nez Perce, dubbed “non-treaty Indians,” to give up their ancestral lands in the Pacific Northwest and move to […]

Fern Hobbs

Meet the remarkable woman Fern Hobbs, Oregon Governor Oswald West’s private secretary who was sent on a mission on New Year’s Day 1914 to shut down the lawless town of Copperfield on the Snake River. This is a biography of one of the most courageous and important women of early Oregon history. Produced by Oregon Public Broadcasting, ~ 30 […]

Massacre at Hells Canyon

A look at the history and culture of Chinese immigrants in NE Oregon and greater Oregon, including the massacre of 34 Chinese gold miners in 1887 along the Snake River near Dug Bar. This 27-minute piece is by Oregon Public Broadcasting (OPB).

The Sumpter Gold Dredge

The Sumpter Valley Gold Dredge is one of the last remaining giant gold dredges in the US. In this 10-minute video learn a bit about the history, current status, and how the dredge worked.

Life on the Oregon Trail

What was life really like on the Oregon Trail? Learn about the risks and dangers of being on the trail, what a day in the life of a pioneer was like, and what equipment and supplies were used. This video is really worth 14 minutes of your time!

How a Dredge Works

Even for Caption O of Dirty Freehub, it took a bit to understand how a gold dredge works. Here’s a quick explanation.

Big, Old Barns! The Wallowa Barn Tour

Learn all about the Wallowa Barn Tour. In this episode, we talk with Jennifer Piper of the Wallowa Chamber of Commerce and Alana Carollo of the Eastern Oregon Visitors Association. Learn how the Barn Tour got started, what you will see. We also talk about two other ways to experience the culture of the area: Farm Trails and a historic […]

Granite, Oregon (The early history)

A short micro-cast with Kevin English, one of the founders of Dirty Freehub, where he talks about what he learned of the early history of Granite, Oregon. A small town in the NE quadrant of the state.

Mining Gold in the Blue Mountains

Learn a little about the gold mining history in the Blue Mountains, from dredge mining to hard-rock mining to some of the clean-up efforts.