Fly the Dirty Freehub colors!! Purchase a Dirty Freehub jersey, shorts / bibs, or a full bike kit!!

We sell all our kits at our cost! (Yes, kits are expensive.) We think it is just great that you’re out there carrying the message to “Ride Great Routes!” But … if you want to donate to Dirty Freehub to help cover some of our route building, technology and marketing costs, we would really appreciate it!

Ascend Sports Kit

The Ascend Sports kits are available for order until Sunday March 19th. Shipment is direct to you. Kits will ship ~ May 1, 2023.

We are offering two different kits through Ascend, the traditional black, yellow and gray kit and a new “high viz” kit in bright orange. The kits are free of sponsorship logos and are a simple, classic design. The “high viz” kit is very understated! We really love the product quality from Ascend.

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RideBiker Alliance Kit

The kits through RiderBiker Alliance are available on-demand with direct ship to you.

This kit has a bold yellow band on the front and back of the jersey. The only “advertising” on the kit is RideBikerAlliance (the kit designer) and the Athlos (the kit manufacturer).

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