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Trail Building with Kent Howes

In this episode, we talk  about the art of mountain bike trail building in Central Oregon. For us, gravel cyclists, some of these trails are super sweet to ride. Our guest is Kent Howes who is a master trail builder and has been building trails for over 30 years, he’s also been a professional trail builder since 2007.

The Phil’s Area (The early days!)

Hear from the early trail builders Eric Vickers and Ben Husaby about the master plan at the Phil’s complex (or lack thereof), finding trails before maps, and what it meant to be a trail author.

Trail Names (The Backstories)

Have you ever been riding at Phil’s and wondered, what do all these trail names mean and who came up with these? Eric L. Vickers, who was one of the pioneers responsible for the early formation of the Phil’s trail network, is going to answer these burning questions, many of us have.

Storm King or Cougar Trail?

Here is the little known story of what Storm King might have been called.

Ben’s Trail (The History)

Did you know that Ben’s Trail wasn’t built initially for mountain biking but as a training trail for nordic skiing? Hear from Ben Husaby, the creator of Ben’s Trail.

Ben’s Trail

Here more about the original design of Ben’s trail from author, Ben Husaby.

Voodoo (The History)

Voodoo is a short trail segment that runs roughly along a contour line in Phil’s trail system in Bend, Oregon. Do you know why that is? Hear from Ben Husaby, one of the creators of the Voodoo Trail.

ELV and Those Gnomes

Have you ever wondered about the backstory of the gnomes on the ELV trail in Bend, Oregon. Eric L Vickers talks a bit about how this all happened. Did you make the connection? ELV. Eric L Vickers.