Lands / NE Oregon

Clipping Fins!

Wildlife technicians use various methods to clip adipose fins so that anglers can differentiate between wild and hatchery salmon. In this 2-minute video, learn what is an adipose fin, how wild and hatchery-raised […]

Trailhead Stewardship Project

Learn about the great trail work being done by the Trailhead Stewardship Project in the Wallowa – Whitman Nationa Forest near Baker City, Oregon. The Stewardship Project is an outreach effort by the Trailhead Bike shop in downtown […]

Blue Mountain Land Trust

We all have heard the term “land trust”. But, do you really know what a land trust does? Why land trusts may be the most important element to recreation and wildlife habitat conservation moving forward? In this podcast, we speak with Amanda Martino, the Conservation Director, with the […]