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Indigenous Peoples

Purpose Statement:
A subset of the work that Dirty Freehub accomplishes around “connection” is a focus on a deeper understanding of Indigenous peoples and the lands that they inhabit and steward. Specifically, our guiding principles are to:

Understand the complicated history of Indigenous peoples and white settlers on this continent. […]

Keep it Local!

One of our guiding principles at Dirty Freehub is “spend where your ride”. We think it is critically important that when you are visiting and riding in the backcountry that you spend some money in the local, supporting towns. That could be for gas, groceries, bike parts, a coffee, or a burger and beer. But not all of these dollars have the […]

Winter Range Closures (Deschutes National Forest)

The problem
Wild-ranging local mule deer populations have decreased by 56% from 2004 to 2021.

In recent years, there has been a 10% decline in population per year
This is 60% below objective

What is Winter Range?
Winter range is habitat deer and elk migrate to in order to find more favorable living conditions during the winter. […]

West Bend Project (Thinning, Mowing and Fire)

As you ride through the Phil’s system of trails, you will notice ongoing tree thinning work or tree thinning that has occurred recently. This is all part of the West Bend Project, a 15-year forest restoration project to improve forest health and to create a buffer protecting our communities from wildfire.

A combination of historical […]


At some time, you will come across cows on your ride, off to the side of the road, or maybe in the middle of the road. Now, what to do??

Not this!

Encountered a cow that did not want us to pass. I got off my bike and head-butted her with my front tire. She charged me and I backed off the trail. The cow then went after my friend. She […]

Wildlife Impact

As gravel cyclists, we think our impact on wildlife is minimal to none. That is not always the case! Even though we may not see the wildlife, they may see, hear or smell us, all resulting in an increase in their awareness and anxiety level. But, we can take steps to minimize this impact.

The most important things you can do:

Understand […]

British Columbia Resource Roads

Many of the gravel roads ridden in British Columbia are “resource roads”. Resource roads are typically one- or two-lane gravel roads built for industrial purposes to access natural resources in remote areas. They are used primarily by industrial vehicles engaged in forestry, mining, oil and gas or agriculture operations (i.e. big […]