British Columbia Resource Roads

Logging Truck in British Columbia

Many of the gravel roads ridden in British Columbia are “resource roads.” Resource roads are typically one- or two-lane gravel roads built to access natural resources in remote areas. They are used primarily by industrial vehicles engaged in forestry, mining, oil and gas, or agriculture operations (think big trucks!). Resource roads often have limited visibility due to dust, roadside brush, and tight corners. The roads often have soft shoulders, rough surfaces, and steep grades. As such, special care must be taken when riding resource roads.

Some of the things you can do to ensure your safety are:

  • Always ride to the far right of the road.
  • Limit group size and keep your group together.
  • Limit excessive speed and always maintain adequate sightlines.

But the most important thing you can do is carry a radio and know the protocol for communicating with others, including heavy-duty trucks. The protocol involves communicating road name, location (usually kilometer markers), direction of travel (up or down), and type of vehicle (i.e. bicycle). Call out every second kilometer mark. As downhill traffic has the right of way, uphill traffic should stop and wait for the downhill traffic to pass. However, for cyclists, it is best to stop your bicycle and stand off to the side to allow industrial vehicles to pass.

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