Avenue of the Giants

5 Star Route

The Avenue of the Giants is one of the most scenic drives through giant redwoods that there is. In fact it has been called the finest forest drive in the world. We think that the best way to see all that this little adventure has to offer is by bike. The beauty comes at you slower, the awe is bigger, and the hassle is less (parking a bike is so much easier than a car).

The portion of the Avenue of Giants highlighted in this route (8 miles), we think is the most scenic of the 31 miles. But we did drive the entire length of the Avenue later in the day. We recommend you do the same.

You could do the Avenue of the Giants as a simple out and back, but we like loops. This loop routes you along the Eel river, up into farming / orchard country, back to the redwoods, and then onto the Avenue of the Giants. Only 20% of the routes is gravel and that is completely doable on 28 mm tires. We did this route on road bikes, not gravel bikes. **Click to Read More

Adventure / Gravel Route

Loop: 23 miles / 2100 ft gain
– Surface: ~ 20% gravel, 80% paved
eBike Friendly: Yes
– Location: ~ Northern California (Coast)
– Published: March 2020


Moderate–. There is a 2 mile climb of about 1100 feet for an average gradient of 10%.

When we like to ride this …

Our preference, is outside of the tourist season when the Avenue of the Giants is quiet. During the winter you may not see anyone on Dyerville Loop Road. However, during the summer tourist season expect to share the road on Avenue of the Giants.

The Start

Founders Tree parking area. Restrooms.
Lat / Long:  40.352644, -123.923249

Food / Water

Myers Flat. About the halfway point.


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Red = paved road
Brown = gravel / dirt road

For help with GPS files, the RideWithGPs mapping app and to learn how to download our routes for free, see the “Using Our Rides” page.

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