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Oregon Black Pioneers

Did Oregon even have Black pioneers? Listen to our interview with Zachary Stocks, Executive Director of Oregon Black Pioneers (a non profit which preserves the history of Black Oregonians) to find out more about this whole topic. When did Black pioneers arrive in Oregon? What were some of the places where we ride bicycles today that were utilized by these early settlers?

Oregon Black Pioneers

The Ride! Silver City

A quick 2+ minute video of what to expect on your ride and sights to see in Jordan Valley.

Beauty out of Chaos: Sand Dunes

Learn all about sand dunes! How they form. How they move. What sand is. This is a fascinating and informative watch. 16 minutes.

The Ride! Honeyman

A quick 3+ minute video of what to expect on your ride (2 minutes) and things to do in Florence (at the end, 1 minute).

The History of Silver City

Many miners struck it rich in Silver City, but it was also the site where a veritable war developed underground that took a militia to stop it. Learn more about this story and the history of Silver City in this 11 minute video.

Rural Riding Etiquette

Riding next to scenic terrain, such as the Wallowa Mountains, are often in very remote and rural areas. Many of these rural areas in Oregon are active rural areas so while you may be out for a Sunday morning gravel ride, there are many ranchers actively working.

Listen in on Eric Makela, the Vice President of the Wallowa Mountains Bicycling Club, and his advice to not only have fun out in rural rides near the Wallowas but also how to stay safe and alert while out there.

Besides listening to the podcast, we hope you consider adding a donation in your tourist budget and check out the ⁠Wallowa Mountain Bicycle Club⁠.

Newberry Caldera

Discover the mysteries of the Newberry Caldera and its volcanic activities spanning half a million years. Whether you are riding ⁠Creek to Peak⁠ or looking for thermals, Ranger Randy and Dr. Daniel McKay of University of Oregon answer many of your questions about this geological formation in Central Oregon. In this podcast, they also discuss the features of the caldera, the science behind geothermal energy, and whether pumice, granite, and obsidian are the same.

This podcast was reproduced with the permission of KPOV Bend, Oregon.

Pine Mountain Observatory: Exploring the Cosmos

Welcome to Pine Mountain Observatory, nestled in the serene landscapes of Oregon about 34 miles southeast of Bend. In this episode, we unveil the highlights of the night sky with our guest, “astro monk” Alton Luke, Head of Operations at Pine Mountain Observatory and a key figure in the University of Oregon’s Physics Department. Today we get to peer through the lens of Alton’s perspectives as he takes us on an astronomical exploration to share more about the observatory, how to prepare for visits, and what kinds of celestial events to look out for.  If you want to peer through the lens of some telescopes too, jump off the bike during the ⁠Dark Skies route⁠ and keep an eye out for a clear weekend with no moon.

Terrible Tilly

Explore the Tillamook Rock Lighthouse’s captivating history and perilous allure in this fascinating video (14 minutes). Known as “Terrible Tilly,” this abandoned beacon stands tall amidst the unforgiving Oregon coastline, braving treacherous storms and haunting tales. Discover why this iconic structure has earned its reputation as one of the most dangerous lighthouses in the world.

The Ride! Lands of the Yachats

A quick 2-minute video of what to expect on your ride!

The Ride! Creek to Peak

A quick 2-minute video of what to expect on your ride!

Jumping Cholla: Does This Cacti Really Jump?

Have you ever encountered a jumping cacti? More specifically, the jumping cholla cactus in Arizona? If you have ridden our⁠ Rock Art ⁠or ⁠Bring a Fork⁠ routes in Arizona then you have dodged more than a few of these spiky cacti. Today we interview Peter Breslin who holds his Ph.D. in Environmental Life Sciences and focuses his research on evolution, biogeography, and population of cacti. Breslin informs us about these amazing (and not so little) cacti, answers questions about if they really jump, and what do if you get “attacked!”

Wolf Lichen

Do you ever see some bright green, shrubby looking creature on a gravel ride? This organism is likely Letharia Vulpina (and no it does not have magic or poisonous powers like a spell) which is also knows as Wolf Lichen. Bryologist, mycologist, and lichenologist Tim Wheeler works to dedicate his life studies towards nonvascular plants and over the last 20 years now holds 16,000 specimens in his collections (some of which are named after him!) Joining us as Wheeler describes some fascinating tidbits on this creature we commonly call Wolf Lichen.

Find out more about Tim Wheeler:

Tim also suggests looking here for more cool lichen things!

The Ride! Keating with Love

A quick 2-minute video of what to expect on your ride!

The Ride! Keating with Love & Virtue

A quick 2-minute video of what to expect on your ride!

The Ride! Cochise Stronghold

A quick 2-minute video of what to expect on your ride!

The Ride! Cowboy Preacher

A quick 2-minute video of what to expect on your ride!

The Ride! Presumido Stage Stop

A quick 3-minute video of what to expect on your ride!

The Ride! Lookingglass

A quick 2-minute video of what to expect on your ride!

The Ride! Rock Art

A quick 2-minute video of what to expect on your ride!

The Most Dangerous Plant in the Desert

In this 2-minute video learn about the jumping (Teddy Bear) cholla and all its prickly tricks from savage backward pointing barbs that are sharp enough to pierce flesh.

All Things Beavers

Curious about beavers: Where do beavers live? What’s their impact on other wildlife? How do they impact the surrounding property where they live? When should we reintroduce them? Can you relocate a beaver? Are they a protected species in Oregon? How have the laws recently changed about beavers?

Listen to our interview with Maureen Thompson, the Manager of the Beaver Works program at Think Wild in Bend, Oregon.

Go to Beaver Works for news, volunteer events, and updates from ongoing projects – including trail camera highlights with adorable beavers in their natural habitat. You will also find them on Instagram and Facebook.

The Ride! Gummy Lick

A quick 2-minute video of what to expect on your ride!

Wild Burros: Helpful or Harmful?

They may be cute … but are wild burros actually helpful or harmful? Dr. Erick Lundgren who is an ecologist with a lot of research concerning wild burros, horses, and other introduced megafauna discusses the topic of wild burros (which are also called wild donkeys). He addresses perspectives that might encourage you to look at these animals a little differently when you come across them riding in Arizona, California or Nevada.

His research can be found at: