The Endangered Sonoran Pronghorn

In Southern Arizona you might be lucky enough to see ⁠Sonoran pronghorns⁠. In this podcast, we learn from Stephanie Fuest, the lead wildlife biologist for the recovery of the endangered Sonoran pronghorn. She walks us through the history of the species in the area, recovery efforts, and best practices should you encounter one while […]

Fish Hatcheries: The Insider View

What is a fish hatchery? Why are they important? What fish do they raise? What impacts the survival of the fish? Our guest is Kyle Bratcher who is a District Fish Biologist with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife and he will discuss fish hatcheries with an emphasis on the Wallowa Hatchery in Enterprise, OR.

We promise, the […]

Big Lonely Doug

Ever visited a location from your favorite book? Cool, right? Dirty Freehub’s new READ & RIDE allows you to do just that! READ & RIDE matches 5-star gravel routes with books to create a memorable journey. Read to learn, then ride to bring the pages to life! No worries if books aren’t your jam — you can still learn about the […]

Untangling the Geological History of the Wallowa Mountains

The Wallowa Mountains in NE Oregon have the most complicated and longest geological history of any range in Oregon. In this podcast, we talk with Dr. Kim Ely, a geologist, about this unique and beautiful area. Learn how to “untangle what you see” when riding in the Wallowas!

The Desert Bighorn Sheep

Learn a bit more about the majestic, and endangered, Desert Bighorn Sheep in this 3-minute video by the Park Service.

Biocrust – Don’t step on it!

Ecologist Kristina Young talks about the importance of Biocrust to the Moab desert. It’s the glue that holds everything together! Learn more in this 3-minute video.

The White Rim Road

Know before you go! This is a must watch. It has helpful tips and advice to help you plan your trip and Leave No Trace while out in these pristine areas.

Routes in Skyline Forest Closed

Updated: February 2024
Skyline Forest has been closed to public access; thus, the following ride guides have been removed from the website:

In Plain View (Long version)
Quick & Dirty
Railbed Spurs
Skyline Forest
The Bishop
Two Bulls, One Coffee

Further, this closure has markedly affected the Oktoberfest […]

The Effects of a Changing Climate on Greater Yellowstone

Scientists are documenting significant changes in the amount of snow that falls in the Greater Yellowstone area as well as the intensity and timing of spring runoff. These trends could affect everything you see when you come to Yellowstone Park […]

Clipping Fins!

Wildlife technicians use various methods to clip adipose fins so that anglers can differentiate between wild and hatchery salmon. In this 2-minute video, learn what is an adipose fin, how wild and hatchery-raised […]

Lake Billy Chinook: The History

Did you know Lake Billy Chinook is co-managed by the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs and the state of Oregon? That it is important for both power generation and fisheries. And that it is a reservoir, not a lake, at the confluence of three rivers: The Deschutes, the Crooked, and the Metolius. […]

John Day Fossil Beds – The Units

The John Day Fossil Beds National Monument has 3 distinct units separated by 40 miles or more. In this short 2-mintue video learn where each unit is and what is special about it.

John Day Fossil Beds -Wow!

Have you ever wondered what Central Oregon once was? Tropical Forests. Exploding volcanoes. Mudslides. Gigantic animals with names like Thunderbeast and Entelodonts. In this 20-minute video learn about this and a whole lot more!

Glacial Lake Outburst Floods

A 4-minute video describing what glacial lake outburst floods look like.

Rockhounding Minerals at the Apex Mine

If you are a rockhound, watch this quick 2-minute video! In the tailings of the old Apex Mine, there are some beautiful rocks with blue Azurite and green Malachite.

Exploring Bloomington Cave

Exploring Bloomington Cave in the St. George area of Southern Utah. Don’t watch if you’re claustrophobic!

What is a Wilderness Area? Why should I care?

An exploration of what the wilderness designation means, with a special focus on The Wilderness Act’s protection and preservation of our wild lands.


Rattlesnakes scare the bejeezus out of most of us. But … should they really? In this podcast, learn more about rattlesnakes and what to do if you do get bit out in the wild. Our guest is Dr. Nick Bradehoff of the Asclepius Snakebite Foundation. […]

Giant Sacaton Grass

A quick 2-minute video about this important but endangered grass. Well worth the watch!

Brown’s Ranch, AZ – Why it’s a special place to ride!

Sonoran Desert cycling means taking in saguaros and beautiful exposed geology. A great place to see and ride through the desert in Arizona is Brown’s Ranch. Brown’s Ranch is located within the McDowell Sonoran Preserve, an incredible area conserved in Scottsdale, Arizona. On today’s episode, we talk with Stu Alt, a trail […]

Winter Range Closures (Deschutes National Forest)

The problem
Wild-ranging local mule deer populations have decreased by 56% from 2004 to 2021.

In recent years, there has been a 10% decline in population per year
This is 60% below objective

What is Winter Range?
Winter range is habitat deer and elk migrate to in order to find more favorable living conditions during the winter. […]

Prickly Pear: Did You Know?

Did you know … that the harvested fruit may help with offsetting aging, controlling diabetes and reducing the severity of a hangover?

Bikepacking the Sky Islands in Arizona with Sarah Swallow

In this podcast, we chat with Sarah Swallow about the Sky Islands Odyssey bikepacking route in Southern Arizona. The Odyssey is a journey through the vast borderlands of the Southwest, featuring a diverse network of rocky and sandy roads that traverse the ever-changing […]

Thinning, Mowing and Fire

“What happened here?” That is a common reaction many have after seeing the immediate impact of the tree thinning and forest mowing work in the Phil’s network of trails. In this podcast, we talk with Melanie Fisher from the Deschutes Collaborative Forest Project to discuss the ongoing work to restore the forest back to a […]