Big Lonely Doug

Ever visited a location from your favorite book? Cool, right? Dirty Freehub’s new READ & RIDE allows you to do just that! READ & RIDE matches 5-star gravel routes with books to create a memorable journey. Read to learn, then ride to bring the pages to life! No worries if books aren’t your jam — you can still learn about the places you’ll ride through podcasts, videos, and more.

In this podcast, Sarah Burch from Dirty Freehub introduces the first episode of the Read & Ride program featuring Big Lonely Doug, the tree that has become a symbol for saving old-growth forests.

This tree is the story behind a long-form ⁠article in The Walrus ⁠that garnered a National Magazine Award; the Big Lonely Doug weaves through the ecology of old-growth forests, the legend of these trees, and the ups and downs in logging and preservation. And this tree becomes the bases of the ⁠Big Lonely Doug ⁠book by Harly Rustad.

Find out in this podcast how Dirty Freehub combines these amazing stories with route guides that will take you out to see actual tree which is located on Vancouver Island in Canada.

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