Cori’s first bicycle had a sparkly blue banana seat, and although her Brooks saddle is far more functional for the multi-day trips that she now embarks upon, part of her still misses that banana seat. That blue sparkle represents the first time she felt the joy of riding bicycles. That joy has become a deep sense of connection to the land and its people from the saddle of a bicycle.

Cori has been an outdoor professional for the past 2 decades, working and recreating on public lands around the world. Raised in a family employed by the Forest Service, and the industries of timber and water management, she gained a unique perspective on the lands of many uses. These experiences have helped shape her relationship to, and understanding of, the multifaceted nature of the complex web of lands that we share together. She is honored and privileged to be able to adventure in the landscapes of the world. Her favorite Dirty Free Hub Route? Whichever one she’s currently working on!