For Bella, the pandemic brought bikes! And although we could have done without a pandemic, she cannot do without her bike. Biking has brought her indescribable joy, a community that fills up her cup, and the most enjoyable mode of endless exploration of this beautiful planet!

After years of supporting executive teams of for-profit organizations in their operations, Bella is excited to bring an integration of her passion and experience to the nonprofit world to support the mission of the Dirty Freehub team.

In her free time, you can find her biking, trying to keep up with her friends on skis, camping, dragging her partner out on sunrise missions, making wearable art, and juggling multiple jobs to help make a difference in her community (and so that she can buy more bikes).

Favorite Dirty Freehub route? She’ll get back to us when she’s ridden every single one and can make the most informed decision! 😉