Lands Podcast Series

Here you will find podcasts that deal directly with lands and conservation, we explore topics like wildlife impact, river & stream restoration, logging practices, etc.

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As a cyclist, I usually think I don’t have much of an impact on my natural surroundings when I ride. I’m on a bike, it’s not motorized, it’s fairly quiet. Join our conversation as we learn about the impact we as cyclists have on wildlife and how we can mitigate this impact.  Our guest today is Amy Sturt who has worked for the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife for 30 years.

We continue our discussion on the impact we have as cyclists have on wildlife and our surroundings. Joining us are Lauri Turner and Brock McCormick who are both Wildlife Biologists with the Deschutes National Forest.

Learn more about Forest Service road decommissioning, how this impacts us as cyclists, and what we can do to help. Joining us is Brock McCormick who is a Biologist with the Deschutes National Forest.  

Central Oregon

Lake Creek is an important tributary that runs into the Metolius River that is vital to salmon and trout habitat. Learn about the restoration efforts of the creek with Brad Chalfant, the former executive director of the Deschutes Land Trust.

Learn how Central Oregon Land Watch and Rory Isbell advocated to protect our lands here in Central Oregon.

Joining us is James Good of Good Bike Co.  Find out what makes the Ochocos such a special place and hear about some of James’ favorite routes.  James talks about the Ochocos being good for both one-day excursions and multi-day bike packing adventures all leaving.  The Ochocos are magical because of their old-growth trees, low traffic, an abundance of gravel roads, great single track and even some good options for the roadies.

NE Oregon

We all have heard the term “land trust”. But, do you really know what a land trust does? Why land trusts may be the most important element to recreation and wildlife habitat conservation moving forward? In this podcast, we speak with Amanda Martino, the Conservation Director, with the Blue Mountain Land Trust. 

Learn about the great trail work being done by the Trailhead Stewardship Project in the Wallowa – Whitman Nationa Forest near Baker City, Oregon. The Stewardship Project is an outreach effort by the Trailhead Bike shop in downtown Baker City and the Anthony Lakes Recreation Association, the non-profit managing and operating the Anthony Lakes ski area.

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