Past Event: Taking Photos for Dirty Freehub

Taking great photos for our Ride Guides and for marketing Dirty Freehub is no easy task. After all, you are on a bike ride! So let’s bring in professional photographer and cyclist, Don Miller who does an amazing job at both wildlife photography and landscapes. When: November 14th from 6 pm to 7:30 PST.  Here’s the recording:

Specifically, he will cover:

– What is a GREAT photo? (basic composition)
– How to plan for photos that can be used in marketing Dirty Freehub and Ride Guides?Stopping to photograph the peaks
– Secrets to shooting while you are on a ride.
– Using a shot list.
– How to build in inspiration, emotion, etc
– Micro photos that help tell the story like people and animals
– How to shoot obstacles to help a cyclist know what to expect (gates, surfaces, obstacles)
– What can we do if we are riding solo?
– Other relevant shots like parking lots, navigation cues, points of interest that help a cyclist have a better experience

Join us for this interactive webinar so you can become better prepared to shoot photos that we can use for our Ride Guides and our marketing.

Learn more about Don Miller at:


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