Kevin English (aka: Captain “O”)

Photo by Trevor Lyden

Kevin English is the Co-Founder and Director of Routes and Technologies at Dirty Freehub. His background is in engineering, with advanced degrees in electrical engineering and mathematics education. He is a technology geek at heart who started his career as a military officer on submarines (west coast deployed). After the military, he went on to found two successful startups. The first, a venture to sell used semi-trucks via the Internet (1996) and the second to deliver on-line education via a hybrid model based on Massively Open on-Line courseware (2021). 

Kevin has been a cyclist most of his life and has owned a bike as long as he can remember. After a shoulder injury from mountain biking, he started gravel biking in 2014 as a great alternative – dirt, remote, scenic, and no traffic! You might find Kevin around town on one of his 4 gravel bikes: a Salsa Cutthroat, aSalsa Warbird, a Surly Fatty single-speed, or an Alchemy eRonin.

His all time favorite route? Water Dog! Otherwise, he’ll tell you his favorite route is the most recently published.

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