Why Donate to Dirty Freehub

Through sponsorship and personal donations, we hope to cover our yearly operating costs. If you enjoyed one of our awesome routes, we would encourage you to make a donation. We deeply appreciate it! We’ve included our yearly budget below and we’ve included our outcomes.

If you would prefer to write us a personal check, you can mail it to: Dirty Freehub 624 NW Congress Street, Bend OR 97703.

Our EIN Tax ID Number is 86-2999340.

2021 Operating Budget: $70,000 Total

Technology / Website: $10,000

  • Over 150+ pages and 40,000 images
  • Web hosting (i.e. high speed, WordPress optimized server)
  • Web and Mobile templates
  • Web tools (image optimization, site optimization, cache features, SEO, CDN’s, maps, etc.)
  • Image storage
  • Backups (2 site backup)
  • Navigation and emergency rescue devices and subscriptions
  • Mapping technologies and subscriptions
  • Technical consulting

Marketing: $5,000

  • Ball caps / T-shirts / Water bottles (for promotional give aways and thank you gifts)
  • Stickers
  • Flyers
  • Business Cards
  • Seminar supplies

Administrative Support: $44,000

  • Basic admin support to work on the website

General Supplies: $1,000

  • Partner Entertainment
  • Office Supplies

Legal, Accounting and Insurance: $10,000

  • Nonprofit formation and application to IRS
  • Trademark rights / protection (ongoing)
  • Insurance
  • Miscellaneous

Note: Funds are not used for transportation for finding routes, or purchasing the vehicles with Dirty Freehub logos. Route ambassadors and board members are volunteers.

Our Successes


Online Metrics

  • Website: ~ 7,000 visitors / month with ~ 20,000 page views / month.
  • Instagram: 1,700+ followers.
  • Facebook: 500+ followers.

This Year / What We are Working in 2021

  • Further route development / promotion including more Ride Ambassadors
  • Seminars (Oregon Riding, Modify It)
  • Leading rides through BACE Meetup Group
  • Partnerships with conservation organizations, economic development organizations, bike shops, and bike related businesses
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