Super Admin Job Posting – May 2024


Dirty Freehub is looking for a kickass individual to join our team part-time and tackle all the details that keep our business running smoothly. If you thrive in the trenches and have a knack for getting things done, we want to hear from you! The ideal candidate should be passionate about cycling and connect with our social missions of:

  • Promoting health and well-being (i.e., getting people out to ride)
  • Keeping riders safe (i.e., getting riders on to the right route for them)
  • Preserving the culture, history, and heritage of where we ride
  • Bridging the urban / rural divide
  • Increasing the awareness of the lands and animals where we ride
  • Having a positive economic impact on the towns where we ride

To learn more about us, we recommend that you review our Impact Report and read about the Different Types of Ride Guides and Listen to the Story of Dirty Freehub.

Responsibilities Include

  • Monitor social media feeds across Facebook, Instagram, and RideWithGPS.
  • Back up routes within RideWithGPS monthly.
  • Renew licenses annually (City, State, etc).
  • Set up and manage a store in Shopify, including shipping.
  • Track and monitor merchandise shipments and recipients. Visit the post office as needed.
  • Manage inventory of thank-you items (hats, shorts, wahoo devices, cushcore inserts).
  • Collaborate with partners to create Development Routes that can evolve into Five Star Ride Guides.
  • Monitor and fix dead links on the website.
  • Track and fix errors with the Ride Guides.
  • Track training and certification of members of the Dirty Roads Crew.
  • Manage events, including setting up registration processes, tracking funding, handling partner issues, refunds, etc.
  • Draft the monthly newsletter in Mailerlite.
  • Run basic reports in Google Analytics.
  • Monitor and respond to comments for the digital Ride Guides.
  • Manage sponsor relationships.
  • Create sponsor invoices in PayPal.
  • Manage online raffles.
  • Update the online profiles of the Dirty Freehub Team.


  • Proficient in handling detailed tasks.
  • Familiarity with basic technologies and applications.
  • Strong foundational communication skills, particularly in writing.
  • Capable of working independently.
  • Demonstrates curiosity and openness to adopting new technologies and tools, such as ChatGPT, Grammarly, etc.
  • Experience with WordPress and a basic grasp of HTML.
  • Knowledgeable about RideWithGPS and other pertinent cycling apps and tools.
  • Seeking a commitment of two years; applicants seeking temporary positions need not apply.
  • Must reside in Central Oregon (Sister, Redmond, Prineville, Bend, LaPine)

Other Skills (Nice to have, not required)

  • Video and photo editing experience, including resizing, color correction and composition.

The Goals for the Work:

  • Offload work from the Executive Director and the Director of Content.


Approximately 5 to 10 hours per week, not to exceed 30 hours per month. Flexible working hours; weekends and evenings are acceptable.


$20 to $25 per hour. Commensurate with skills.

How to Apply

Submit your qualifications to

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