Past Event: Bike Ride – The HooDoos in Central Oregon

HooDoSaturday is lining up for the perfect day to step away from that bike trainer to join the Dirty Freehub team on a ride. This ride starts at the Crooked River Campground and includes amazing views of the Lake Billy Chinook area.

A few things to know: this is going to be a Dirty Freehub photo /video shoot, so wear your brightest coolest colors. Rock Doc will be joining us which means we will toss in a geology discussion. (There are some seriously COOL rock formations on this ride.) And finally, this route is ALL pavement, so technically this is a road ride. However, we ask that you bring your gravel bike because WE will be on gravel bikes and because we would like the photos to be of gravel cyclists. (This is going to be part of a larger route we are working on.)

More information including how to register.

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