Kira Corbett

Photo Credit: Robert Gill

Kira Corbett is a Content Manager & Technologies Engineer for Dirty Freehub. She works on getting routes ready for publication and implementing special technology projects.

Kira is a concoction of all things technology and all things outside. She is wrapping up her studies in Computer Science at Oregon State University and her undergraduate research in Human Computer Interaction where she is working on developing and exploring new ways to interact with our computers. While not under a hoodie working on the computer, you can find Kira playing outside – trail running, skiing, racing, and of course lots of biking. Kira mostly competes in cyclocross but that doesn’t keep her from participating in a variety of racing and riding. Kira and her gravel bike, Cheerio, will do mountain biking, gravel rides, run/bike packing XC racing, and roadie rides.

Her Favorite Dirty Freehub Route? 4 Boys or Oktoberfest

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