Ben Groeneveld is the bike-packing guru at Dirty Freehub, publishing multi-day routes that he curates. He graduated from the Rochester Institute of Technology and Montana State in industrial engineering. Ben currently works at Dassault Systèms where he focuses on the resolution of complex problems using critical thinking, the scientific method, and an engineering approach. Ben has made Central Oregon home for both work and play since 2000, dabbling in summer and winter sports that offer adventure.

Ben started riding a bike to school as a child in The Netherlands. He began touring with his brother as a young teen to visit the grandmas … riding all day … little did he know that it would become his first century ride! You’ll find him around town on a variety of bikes: a Specialized Chisel on single track, a Niner RLT9 Steel with two wheel sets (one for road and one for gravel), and a Marin Stinson commuter.

His favorite Dirty Freehub route? Bend Shorts