Our Mission

We are looking for great routes to publish! If you have a route that you would like to share, we would love to hear from you.

At Dirty Freehub, we view the process of building and sharing routes as a community process. Riders collectively sharing their knowledge of an area, terrain, culture, and thrill. That is one of the reasons we are transitioning Dirty Freeub into a nonprofit: to collectively share and to connect riders to where they find adventure.

Ideally, your route meets our 5 Star criteria. Scenic, varied terrain, low traffic, etc. For more information on our criteria, see our guide to route development and classification.

After submitting your route, we put the information into a Route Guide page, put it through an editorial review process, and then published it.

Then What?

  • The route is initially tagged as a Development Route — a route that is a work in progress.
  • The route is shared out to the community via social media and the Development Route page on the DF website.
  • Then, there is a period of public comment where riders can provide feedback and suggestions.
  • Based on the above feedback, there may be modifications and edits made to the Route Guide with further public review.
  • And finally, when ready, the route is certified by a member of the Dirty Freehub Team on an actual ride.

Our hope is that all Development Routes move on to become 5 Star routes. But … all do not. Our mission at Dirty Freehub is to share the best of the best. Highly curated, super fun routes, the ones that “Ride dirty, and make you smile!”.

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