People & Places Podcast Series

In this podcast, we talk with Nicholas Kristof, the award-winning columnist from the New York Times, and farm owner in the Willamette Valley. We talk about growing up on a farm, the challenges of farming, and some of the opportunities for rural and urban Oregonians to come together.

We sat down with the founders of Dirty Freehub to hear Linda and Kevin share their story.  How they started a homespun website and have grown it to an organization of 15+ people.  Their mission has expanded from providing great gravel routes to connecting cyclists to where they ride. We also learn what it takes to build great routes, and fund an organization doing all they do.

A quick intro to Anthony Lakes resort with Chelsea Judy, the Marketing Director. Learn about summer and winter activities from downhill skiing, to backcountry skiing, to nordic skiing, to mountain biking, to hiking, and great food. But did you know that Anthony Lakes resort is really Anthony Lakes Outdoor Recreation Association, a nonprofit organization with a mission of making the outdoors fun! How cool is that!

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