Bike Life Podcast Series

Bike Life is a big bucket for all things biking that are not directly related to a geographical area or a particular ride. You will find stories about good bike karma, travel, and personal tidbits from us here at Dirty Freehub. (Also, we are looking for a lead sponsor for this series. Listen to the intro of “ELV and Those Gnomes” for the concept. Please email us if interested.)

Hear Phil’s unbelievable story of getting his bike stolen from the back of his car in an Ikea parking lot in Portland and the resulting good karma!

Hear the story of what it takes to get started, van selection and other Vanlife adventures and challenges. Michelle and Gatum purchased a used Sprinter van and have been living and riding out of it for the last year. We think they know a bit about the adventure of vanlife living!

Find out what goes into gravel route development and what it’s like to do a Dirty Freehub exploratory route. Sometimes all goes well, other times it is an adventure and maybe even epic. Special guests Michelle and Gatum share their stories with us!

In this episode, we speak with the founder of Abbey Tools. Learn about how they got started, what it takes to make great bike tools, and how they came up with the name.

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