In 2020, during the COVID pandemic, we looked at ways that we could help students struggling with the new realities of going to school (or not going to school). So we started working with college students to provide internships on real world projects. Here’s a look at the interns we have hosted, the Dirty Freehub Alumni. We are so proud of these awesome women! And we can assure you that we learned as much as they did during their internships.

Dirty Freehub also works with OSU Cascades and their Innovation Co-Lab. Here we carve out projects that students work together on. For example, how to market and better utilize our podcast channel.

Haily Davis

Overall marketing strategy for Dirty Freehub. Haily worked on how to drive demand for cyclists using our routes. Hailey lead us to rethink how we market Dirty Freehub, specifically in adding entry level routes near cities as a way for people to get to know us. And Hailey she facilitated a webinar with Alison Tetrick on women’s cycling. Hailey majored in business at Oregon State University.

Kelsey Norby

Instagram as a Marketing Tool. Kelsey worked on to best utilize Instagram as a marketing tool. Specifically, she analyzed how we were using Instagram which lead us to rethink the photos and tagging strategies that we use. Kelsey majored in business at Oregon State University.

Amanda Bearden

YouTube as Marketing Channel. Amanda researched if we should build a YouTube Channel or use YouTube as a marketing tool. Amanda Bearden. Dirty Freehub was only using YouTube as place to store videos, but with Amanda’s quantitative and qualitative research project, we are starting to rethink how we leverage other YouTube channels. Here’s her Strategy Document and final Zoom Presentation. Amanda was a Marketing Major from Michigan State University.

Feedback from Amanda on her internship: “Interning with Dirty Freehub allowed me to pinpoint my strengths and weaknesses. Linda’s 1:1 coaching not only challenged me to reflect on my work but also helped me gain interpersonal skills. I loved working with a small team because it taught me to hold myself accountable and build meaningful relationships.”

Kira Corbett

Content Manager. Working on her Computer Science major, Kira joined the Dirty Freehub team to work on a variety of technical challenges (like changing us from a .com to a .org) and migrating all of our content over to DF 2.0. In the process, she took a dive into podcasting and found a new niche skill.