Bend Shorts

This is a list of rides in the Bend area that are:

  • short in length, usually less than 25 miles
  • less than 2000 feet of gain, and
  • less than a 20 minute drive from Bend, Redmond, LaPine, or Sisters.

They are meant to be a quick after work rides or rides for early spring / late fall when the days are short and the weather is “iffy”.

They are not as well documented as our 5 Star and Bandit routes. The mileage and elevation gain is given in the top panel of the map. To download the route use the “Send to Device” link in the upper left of the map. Enjoy!!

Map Legend

Black = unknown / undocumented surface type
Red = paved road
Brown = gravel / dirt road
Blue = single track trail
Purple = paved bike path / Roubaix (rough, broken pavement)

Big Red

A mostly easy, wide single track route meandering along the Deschutes and Fall Rivers in LaPine State Park. You can find full details on the Big Red Route Description page.

Big, Big Red (The Short)

This variation of the Big, Big Red route includes only the northern loop. A bit of everything: gravel, single track, paved bike path, and a smidge of road.


This is a hidden gem. Not many people do it, but we really like it. You can find full details on the Fifty 50 Route Description page.


Named for the Outback water filtration facility, the last stop for water before gushing out of your faucet at home. A mix of gravel and paved roads, single track, and some paved bike path. You can find full details on the H2O Route Description page.


One of the more technical shorts on this list … but some of the best views of the Cascade Mountains in the state! You can find full details on the Haystack Route Description page.

In Plain View (The Short)

This is one of the first rides we documented. It is a good late fall, early spring ride. In the winter, sections hold snow and ice. You can find full details on the In Plain View Route Description page.

Metolius Preserve

This is one of the best fall rides in the area for great colors. Avoid in the spring as it can be muddy. You can find full details on the Metolius Preserve Route Description page.

Quick & Dirty

This is one of the most popular rides in the Bend area. We believe that is so because it fits the distance and elevation criteria, not because it is a classic ride with high visual payback. You can find full details on the Quick & Dirty Route Description page.

Railbed Spurs

This short leverages former railbed logging spurs once used to harvest trees from the Deschutes National Forest.  As a result the grades are low and constant allowing for a quick after-work ride. Once on the spurs, the grade is less than 2% over 8 miles. The route generally involves very little route finding making the sights that much more accessible – with many views into Central Oregon. You can find full details on the Railbed Spurs Route Description page.

Sherman’s Waltz (The Short)

A shortened version of the Sherman’s March route. It eliminates the loop up to Round Lake and the shoulder of Mt Jefferson by remaining on NF 12.


This is a must do ride if you live in Bend. Not for the scenic payback, but to learn about the hidden inner city trails that can get you around town without competing with cars. You can find full details on the Townie Route Description page.

Water & Lava (The Short)

This is a (shorter) derivation of the classic gravel ride Water & Lava. Miles 5 to 13 are new (to Water & Lava) and are from the route Big, Big Red. Miles 5 to 13 are more rugged and difficult than the standard Water & Lava route.

Westside Tour

A classic tour of some of the best close-in trails and bike paths on the westside of Bend. You can find full details on the Westside Tour Route Description page.

For help with Ride, GPS files, etc see the “Help with …” page. To learn how to download the routes for free, see “Using Our Routes …” page.

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